The Clean, Minimal Chromebook Desk Setup

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Flexispot Desk –
Flexispot Chair –
LG Monitor –
Twelve South Laptop Stand –
Brydge Keyboard –
Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse –
Apple Magic Trackpad 2 –
Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD –
Sony Speaker –
Bose QC35 Headphones –


As Chromebooks (and, by extension Chromebases and Chromeboxes) continue to become more and more capable devices, more users are choosing to make them their only desktop computers. With that change, we are seeing more questions than ever surrounding desktop setups, what we use on the daily, and how we’d set up a desk with a Chromebook at the center of it.

So, we did just that. This desk setup is a combination of things we use daily and things we went out and bought to put together the clean, minimal desk that we all agree we’d love to work from on a daily basis.

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