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Samsung Chromebook 3 Review

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A low-cost entry by Samsung into the market at a time when more expensive, higher spec, more capable devices are coming. Can its low price attract consumers?

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  1. The screen sucks on this thing…

  2. Can you play online games on it?

  3. you are wrong about it being bad because at school we have hp chromebooks (2 are dell i think) my chromebook 3 is nowhere near as slow as my hp chromebook

  4. well worded
    great Great review

  5. Can you do the Hp Chromebook G5 if you can get it that is just my question and P.s I just subscribed as well

  6. pretty good review….i was wondering if it's possible to install Android apps on the SD card? Since the internal storage is pretty low

  7. After watching this video it makes me no longer want to purchase one of these Samsung's chromebook 3 :/

  8. Got mine for $139 at Best Buy today. It's 4GB of memory though. Likely will use it for tv streaming.

  9. This or the Asus C201? i am about to buy either of these and i am inclined towards the latter.

  10. the $119 Samsung chrombook 3 going on sale black friday is 4gb of ram…. not 2gb.. at least that's what Amazon and Walmart is saying…

  11. Toshiba chromebook 2 (2016) or acer chromebook 14 ??

  12. Thank you for this review. I will not be purchasing this chromebook.

  13. Autos & Velcholes

  14. KeepCalmAndGetInked

    I'm currently looking for my first Chromebook
    I could use some help because I can't decide between the Acer r13 and hp 13 G1(base model)
    For I will only use it for web browsing and watching videos but in 6 months I will strat to study and want to use it for this as well.
    how do the two compare regarding feel and build quality and how about overall speed and responsiveness?

  15. Thank you for a good honest review, with tech points going for this price target market.
    You have a new sub

  16. you've really improved a lot!

  17. Just get the Asus C202SA. It's priced the same, but has much much better specs.

  18. That was a pretty fair review and it is nice to see someone taking "value" into context instead of just spouting specs. I would say that $169.00 might be better spent on a used, but better, specced(?) Chromebook. I only spent $90 on my Dell Chromebook 11 (Wolf) and it seems to be much better quality than the Samsung Chromebook 3 you reviewed. However, at $119.00 I could see hooking this to my TV and using it for streaming.

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