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RAZER WINS CES – A Triple Monitor Laptop – Project Valerie

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At CES 2017, Razer Inc. just debuted a 3 screen laptop prototype, and it’s blowing everyone’s minds. This triple monitor laptop has 2 screens that automatically slide out and deeply immerse you into your PC Gaming. It’s called Project Valerie and it’s not the only announcement from Razer dominating the best CES 2017 products conversation. Project Ariana works with Razer’s Chroma accessories in order to convert a player’s entire room into immersive gameplay. Of course the big questions are release dates and Ariana and Project Valerie price. We don’t know, since they are just concepts at the moment, but the positive reception means this really might happen! Whitney Moore and Filup Molina give us the detes!

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  1. imo the project valerie is stupid and extremely flawed.

  2. We could really do without the one minute pre-amble to every story before you even explain what it is…

  3. Chintamani Helekar

    We all know true winner was RGB.

  4. This is waaaaay too enthusiastic for me

  5. Project valerie isn't a real product, it runs like garbage due to lack of power, it won't be anything in thickness as it isn't a real potential project, those screens are stuck in place and don't slide anywhere. the GTX 1080 is also not the top of line card for gaming computers, the Titan X (pascal) is 20-25% faster and isn't new it came out like 2 months after the 1080.

  6. Saw what you did there Filup 😉 "Why can't anyone ever just be whelmed?"

  7. Maybe Razer should finish and release their Project Christine first before they start hyping more projects that will never be.

  8. lol these guys are hilarious

  9. Okay this is such a bad channel too many jump cuts and inappropriate references

  10. Waiting for the Razer Toaster to be made.

  11. Welbeloved Akulas

    Everything on today's vid is b.s. Overkill to the max & it won't truly work like it'll be promoted. Kinda like our original ps4 & Xbone… We love em but both left us powerless.

  12. Man I love WitMo's mouth mmmmm

  13. is it just me or does Arianna kinda just sound like a projector that's just projecting way to big for the screen

  14. So it's just a projector then…

  15. rip headphone users

  16. your kinda marriage eh whitney? hmu xD

  17. what's the point of an "immersive projector" in the age of VR?

  18. Omnipotent WaffleGod

    So can the Laptop be used as three different monitors or just one really big one…or am I completely misinterpreting the uses of it.

  19. Marry me now Whitney…. We will have FFDP playing as you come down the isle, and you get to choose our first dance (headbang) song

  20. Bradley Morrison

    filup made that whelmed reference when I was watching young justice

  21. Project Valerie!!!!!!! holy shish kabob!!!

  22. Extreme Measures

    I think SF Nerd could very much benefit from an actual PC gamer (Suptic maybe) covering things like CES.

  23. Filup, was that a Holy Grail reference? :D

  24. Dope not a huge gamer though

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