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Macbook Pro with Touch Bar Review! Worth it?

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MacBook Pro with touchbar: Worth living the dongle life?

dbrand Macbook Skins:

2016 MacBook Pro Unboxing:

Macbook Pro with TouchBar:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee


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  1. why does it have to look so clean? and beautyful? and why does it have that price 🙁 I want it! i'm in pc masterrace but for me Ik what I'm buying. I buy thin beauty and software that runs great with the hardware. I could go for a xps, but then I'll also go for a pc with higher specs but less perfection and hardware that don't work that well with the software

  2. I'm not even planning on buying any gadget but I watch your videos because I think it's dope.

  3. Someone used the flow transition in final cut at 8:56

  4. This guy is wearing a Verge T-Shirt no shit he is on Apple's payroll just like them…

  5. what camera do you use

  6. Yagnesh Paladugu

    Wow… Super Touchbar

  7. laptop is a flop

  8. 0:41 Remind me the famous … My name is Boxxy!

  9. A Verge shirt? Wha?

  10. No, it's not worth it. All current Apple computers are straight trash. Expensive trash too.

  11. Hey Sam Graham Cartoons

    NOT WORTH IT. Get the Surface Pro. Or the Razer…. or …. Lenovo…. Touch screen is awesome… Esp. when you can run desktop programs. Cant say much for the ipad either (for that reason)_… uggggh

  12. My 2016 MacBook Pro has really bad motion blur. Does anyone else have the issue?

  13. People say that he's biased/apple fanboy, etc.. maybe if they actually watch the video till the end when he rationalises that it isn't really worth the price, or even pay attention to when he criticises the shortcomings the new Pro with Touchbar has, they would've kept their silly knee-jerk comments to themselves.. MKBHD is one of the most, if not the most, unbiased reviewer there is.. true, he doesn't review everything, like some ask why he doesn't review Windows laptop, etc.. that's entirely up to him, that doesn't mean he's biased; it just means he chooses what he wants to review, just cos he can.. you want a review on a tech that he has never reviewed, look for another reviewer – you will surely find one that's reviewed the tech. I'd rather he not review a tech which he never wanted to review, and come out totally biased as shit, (like some reviewers who are CLEARLY fanboys of either the Apple camp or Samsung camp, etc).. just my two cents.. :)

  14. The guy reviews the MacBook and tells you he likes it but you should maybe skip buying this macbook….and he is biased??? First off if you have an opinion you are inherently biased, secondly think about what he does on his MacBook regularly that would make this a perfect fit for him as opposed to some of you losers who just want porn in 4k. I myself went out and purchased an Alienware laptop, yeah I know it's like shit wrapped in gold foil paper, but it didn't stop me from running out to get one because I think they are cool. I have an inherent bias there, so I too would tell you they are cool, but may just tell you to skip it in the same breath as well, because you are not me.

  15. 6x USB-C and 1x MagSafe connector, and that's a perfect machine as far as I/O and charging.

  16. Bacalao 11235813213455

    Well considered review. Doesn't look as crazy biased as others though… don't understand the hate, some people just want to be triggered without a reason. He just reviewed the features and their highs and lows, and kinda bashed it saying it's not worth the money for the usual MBP buyer and that it's pretty much the same as the previous model. Type C is indeed the future, and his consideration as to what to expect from the following years and how to empower its implementation is quite rational. What do you want him to say, just "lmao this shit is not worth a crap"? That's just as idiotic as apple fanboying

  17. What's that noise around 3:05?!

  18. you are the first youtuber saying good things about the new Mac that I've seen mkbhd! and I will not be buying one. why? way too expensive for me. wayyy……..

  19. when will the next gen macbook pros come out?

  20. I am a graphic design/digital media/music production/video production guy. I am wondering will this machine be good for those things? Ether the 13inch or 15inch with touch bar? I am planning on buying one but I haven't been able to make a decision because of all the complaints and F@&$?!#% ridiculous prices (I am willing to spend the money if they are good for theses task)
    Any advices?

  21. Excellent! Thank you.

  22. The Matrix glitches at 8:56 lol

  23. review on acer predator 21x and graphics, curved screen..

  24. Stop at 7:02 xD

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