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Unboxing of the brand new 2016 15 inch Macbook Pro Touch Bar. Is it worth the price tag? Stay posted for my full review!

Dope USB C Hub:
13 Inch 2016 Macbook Pro Unboxing:

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  1. Lucrezia Celesti

    You're so cute

  2. I'm still rocking the 2012 myself the bang for the buck is keeping me out the market. Good stuff as always

  3. Would you do a comparison between the 13inch and the 15 inch?

  4. You don't have to live with it. It's still your choice to buy this model without all the ports you want and need.

  5. I hate the new keyboard on the new MacBooks

  6. nice video

  7. José Manuel Vicente

    Could you please give us a link to your knife? Thanks!

  8. LMAO my BRAND NEW 2016 macbook died after 2 days… this is UNREAL. 2400 dollars and now i gotta wait atleast a month to get it replaced.. its some bs.
    I made a video on my channel, if anyone is interested, or is maybe having the same problems…

  9. I don't get the port Problem. I am a professional photographer, and i use dongles anyway, i shoot with CF Cards. I personally don't know a pro that uses SD Cards – personally, i'm sure there are. And the missing ports, well….if they've stayed with all the other ports we'd have the same Problem we had with thunderbolt. I thought about it couple of days ago like: Damn, it's out for more then 5 years and it never got a real deal cause it was too expensive. So people still bought USB 3 devices cause they were much cheaper. I think it is a great move to make fast things more affordable in the next 6 month. Else USB C or Thunderbolt 3 would have been just a luxury add on that nobody really does use

  10. Please give me a laptop.

  11. 見てるんですか? なんで僕を

    I from japan.
    I am always watching your videos.

  12. I love how naturally this guy talks lol I always sound awkward when I talk on camera lol

  13. Can't wait till get this! 👌👌

  14. Cameron Crawford

    I'm thinking of getting a 2015 MacBook Pro 15 inch rather than one of the 2016 models. Good idea?

  15. How can people afford this. I wish i had one my vids a very cringey with no editing.

  16. TheCommandMaster

    man u have to live with lots of problems lol

  17. Apple is just going backwards.

  18. Cool review, I liked it!

  19. please make a macbook air 13 inch video

  20. karl, how do you afford all this tech bro? its insane. not hating, i really enjoy your vids

  21. would you be selling you old macbook ?

  22. "New Macbook Pro, you'll get used to it" that's about sums it up. 👎

  23. george georgescu

    How much?

  24. The more I research about the MacBook pro, the more I want to buy it. Despite all the port and price complaints.

  25. Base 2016 model or fully equipped mid 2015 model? I have the option to get both, which one would be a better buy for the same price?

  26. Love your videos bro!

  27. iNeed this in my life.

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