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Is the 2016 MacBook Pro 13″ Worth It?

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My unboxing and review of the new MacBook Pro 13″ 2016!
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  1. I have a problem with my porn pages being displayed on the touchbar.


  3. all they did well on was hardware, and even on that they are losing sales with the best ports. software wise not much of an improvement

  4. Let's now mock the spectre series for the dongles we need to use it. Oh wait, I forgot, they're not Apple.

  5. Jumped back on the apple bandwagon and was looking for a MacBook Pro after picking up the 7 plus and Apple Watch but I refuse to buy one after they removed all the ports and SD card slot.

  6. no is not worth it

  7. Nice video and thoughts…I checked them out recently and love the aesthetics…especially the space gray. But I already have 3 macs in my home. An older 2008 MB Pro that is effectively retired. A recently acquired iMac which I love! And a 2012 15.4 inch MB pro with a screaming i7 that has served my needs for 4 years! But I'm a big Apple OS fan! I love it so much more than Windows and I don't know if I should wait or bite. I love the fact that it is light, fast and redesigned! The trackpad is awesome. But then again….do I really need one? That's the question.

  8. I love apple!

  9. I'm debating on which Macbook to get later on in the year for when I start college- 13" 2015 model or base 13" 2016 model with no touchbar (don't want it). I don't even see the point in having 4 usb-c ports when you could just buy a satechi hub for one port and use the other port for charging. I used to want the 2015 model no doubt just because of the ports, but now looking between the two the 2015 models seem like a thing of the past just based off look. I really like the space gray 2016 model and to me, the apple logo isn't a huge deal. What's a bigger deal to me is that the 2015 models don't say "MacBook Pro" under the screen (that really bothers me for some reason). So i really like the 2016 model with the writing under the screen and the speakers on the side. Money isn't the issue and I think I could live with having to carry a small satechi hub since I won't be using it all day anyways.

  10. Gaming Legend 246

    .-. I have to pay for a better ports? Dafuq……

  11. Thank you Austin.. I really enjoy your videos because I feel they are honest and a true representation of your opinion rather than what manufactures would want you to say

  12. before i watch. Its not.

  13. Question; If I want the last gen macbook pro how do I search for it and not get the latest one? basically just want it for the ports

  14. wonder powerful alone bone sacrifice virtual plead drain.

  15. I don't understand all of these technology terms in the comment section. All I know is that Apple is stupid for not designing a laptop that will fit all needs and what their consumers want. AND ALSO DANG ITS EXPENSIVE!

  16. watching on my new Mac :)

  17. Adiatma Sukwirahmanta

    Should i choose this one as a desktop replacement/main computer ?

  18. Is the MacBook capable of streaming via an Elgato HD60?

  19. price ??

  20. How come no one acknowledges the insane amount of blind hate to apple
    -yes, you can always build a better computer
    -spec for spec it is cheaper than the surface
    -for the average person macos is easier to use

  21. I have a mid 2012 macbook pro(21in) and 4 years later, it runs perfectly fine and fast and still supports the latest os, can u do a video on this macbook version? I think it's great and for a 4 year old pc has an i5 processor

  22. its not worth it because the laptop is expensive AF. You can get much better options for less money.

  23. For what you get and the steep price Pro is not exactly what I would call this!!

  24. I have question : in the thumbnail why is there a rose gold MacBook Pro??

  25. Apple stop using gimmicks to sell your computers. Also, SELL YOUR LAPTOPS FOR A REASONABLE PRICE I GOT A GAMING LAPTOP WITH
    1. Nvidia 980M
    2. Intel i7 2.70Ghz octa core
    3. 426 GB SSD
    4. A variety of different ports with all USB ports having USB 3.1
    5. A 1.81 GB hard drive
    6. Killer Networking (actual name)
    7. Is VR ready
    FOR 2,000 US DOLLARS SO APPLE DO YOUR MATH. By the way my PC runs a lot of games at ultra 1080p at around 144fps.



  28. I don't care about the thickness of that laptop the problem are the ports. nobody wanted a thin laptop if they are missing ports

  29. Soldered ssd on the new macbook pro. Fuck no its not worth it. If the ssdfails ypu are totally fucked

  30. lol Austin your apple watch is wrong way round

  31. Pablo Andrez Campoverde

    However x9000!!!!

  32. so, I'm looking into buying the maxed out 15" MacBook pro (512gb and touchbar). there are only 2 games I play on the go, which are hearthstone and league of legends can the MacBook handle those? I know the MacBook is not for gaming but I'm also buying it for school and because it's lightweight unlike my bulky Asus laptop

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