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I Bought Apple’s New $300 Book

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Think The New MacBook Pro is Expensive? How About The NEW $300 Book From Apple! Designed By Apple in California

I Got It Here:

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  1. If Apple would have a mountain of gold, they would want another one. Greedy fucks.

  2. The funny thing is, he has a link in his description to where you can buy the book. As if anyone would watch this video and say "Yeah, that looks like a product I want to have!"

  3. (facepalm)

  4. Official EpicMCNoob

    Kpop albums be like… (Not the price but the packaging).

  5. You can get the complete set of the iPhone 7 droplet live wallpapers on our latest app, including the jet black and black ones check it out it is now on the App Store you will probably like it.

  6. The Apple brand knocks it up $200 and people like you will still pay full price for that in a heartbeat.

  7. 4:50 "They're cheap, they're only $200"

  8. Not a real channel

    I can understand them making this, I can understand they had to pay a lot to make this. What I don't understand is who the hell they are marketing a picture book towards that they knew would cost so much. Surly no profit is being made from this overall.

  9. WTF?????!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jesús Zenón Tapía Monzón Alkhoza'a

    I deeply admire apple, they can sell trash as gold.

  11. I was thinking that it is an macbook of 300 bucks

  12. stupid

  13. *****Afiya *****

    It's like every time I said "stop" in my head he flipped faster

  14. waste of time and money
    waste of money when spending money on apple
    apple will die out

  15. a little bit pricey

  16. Wow I hope you can update it

  17. that's stupid $300 for a book which you could see in Google for free

  18. does it have headphone jack ??

  19. This is why people think apple is some big, goddamn joke.

  20. what the fuck 300 dollrs for that plain less phrases shit books?!!!

  21. I'll be honest as a person that actually works at a print shop that book shouldn't cost more than 50 bux

  22. When it came out a month ago I thought it was an E-Book reader, but no! It's literally a just book and nothing else. For $300.

  23. The oldest apple divides my family has is a PowerBook G4, an iPod touch 2nd gen, and the first and second iPod. The thing is, they all still work like a charm.

  24. called the G4 Cube the first power mac.
    called the PowerBook G4 a macbook pro.
    G5 Keyboard wasnt wireless.
    iBook isnt a macbook.
    you need to build up your tech history bruh…

  25. Apple is getting desperate. And that's coming from a guy with a complete Apple ecosystem inside the home and office.

    No fucking way am I paying $300 USD for a picture book. What a fucking joke.

  26. Epolrazi55 (epolrazi55)

    it's an ibook and not a macbook facepalmed so hard

  27. Is it just me or did apple get worse and more moneywhoreish since steve dieded…. I was a fan of apple but now they are just making stuff up and calling it inovation…. But the worst part is when you least expect it WHAM, just like that another stupid invention….

  28. 2342315313531451345 15135431543154315315431

    10:02 literally a description of every apple product

  29. You know what I expect from books that cost over $200? I expect the work of the best pedagogues and experts in a particular field to teach me great amounts of information that I can't find anywhere else. If I buy a book that cost over $200, I expect to become a (for example) expert in calculus or something like that by the time I finish reading the book, you know, I expect something in return. I don't expect to see the printed ego of a company… way to go Apple, and way to go anyone that buys that crap. This is by far the worst and most overpriced product you can buy from Apple. It is pretty book but so what?… Jesus… Even if you love Apple products and that's totally OK, Apple has great products, you gotta admit this book is just ridiculous.

  30. Reaperwolf Productions

    Are you American or Europeion

  31. fastpig productions

    Apple has no excuse for the effort to money ratio 1:300

  32. I could spend my money that I have saved up on for almost 3 years to just buy this book.


  33. Head Like A Hole

    I like how he does his best to conceal disappointment in his voice but fails miserably.

  34. why would you want a book with electronic pictures

  35. thats like 200 tacos

  36. Before saying this kid is stupid:
    He got paid for this video only around 10 times what the books cost him by youtube.

  37. how the fuck does that book feel like its worth for 100s of dollars. ITS A BOOK. WITH NOTHIBG BUT PICTURES. FOR 300 DOLLARS.

  38. you spend 300 dollar for a fu
    cking book of the apple, are you under drug dude? get a life

  39. Designed By Apple In California, printed in China

  40. You can find all of the iPhone 7 unveiling live wallpapers on our latests app including the Jet Black and Black specific ones, check it out on the App Store you;ll probably like it if you have a 7 or 6s.

  41. useless…

  42. fucking waste
    this was designed for stupid fucking people who actually bought every apple product because they are having trouble finding the ones that still work

    fucking waste

  43. buy the smaller one, it's only 199€ 😀

  44. Genuinely feel sorry for anyone who buys Apple products

  45. 300 dollars paid off real good though with that sweet YouTube revenue

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