Dell Latitude 5300 Chromebook Enterprise Unboxing & Hands-On

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Just today, FEDEX stopped by to drop off the newly-released Dell Latitude Chromebook Enterprise 5300 on our doorstep. If you recall, this Chromebook is the first in a new line of devices dubbed Chromebook Enterprise and these new Chromebooks come with all sorts of enterprise-ready features like Dell’s own VMWare capabilities built right in alongside the Chrome Enterprise license right out of the box.

Their price tags are high and their build quality is premium, but are they a good choice for general consumers? After all, with a clear and focused aim at the workplace, do these new Chromebooks from Dell offer anything to the standard consumer that a Chromebook for much less can deliver? We obviously have to spend some time with this device to determine that answer, but my guess is that if you are here reading this, you are either in the market for devices for your business or you are a consumer who is thinking about plunking down some serious money for the best Chromebook money can buy.

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