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Can You Game on a Best Budget Laptop? $100 Macbook Clone

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Let’s find out if you can play games on a Cheap laptop or Notebook! The $100 fake Macbook clone! 13 Inch laptop for only $100 how bad can it be? can you seriously game on it? Let’s Find out! Can this be a cheap laptop, cheap gaming laptop?

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This Budget MacBook clone is a good gaming laptop for 2017 for only $100, it running windows 10 on this cheap 2017 notebook and can be the best budget laptop for 2017 it can paly modern game slike GTA, Call out Duty, Minecraft and much more! So is this cheap laptop, cheap making laptop worth the purchase! definitely, if you only have $100it can play some light 3D games with low graphics!

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  1. Please post the link for this computer!!

  2. that design is legit enough for me… where can i buy it … the exact model ur reviewing with that glowing logo

  3. What if 4 months later the performance gets bad? I know all clones does that.

  4. http://www.gearbest.com/tablet-pcs/pp_462722.html
    Here is the link to this laptop well the 64gb and 4gb ram

  5. Man im still looking for a link im starting to think this thing does even exist Lol.

  6. where can I get the link ?

  7. Joaradid Rodriguez

    Hi, if you keep the laptop, please make a future review to compare it the difference about using. I would like to buy this one for my sister, it looks basic and useful. Thanks for the review, hugs from Mexico :D

  8. can you send my the link? i want to order 1

  9. i would buy it for facebook and youtube for sure,it's nice you can play old 3d games try instill gta sa

  10. Why do you duplicate your videos?

  11. its so surprising that the OS is almost as much as the entire computer

  12. These cost almost £200 in the UK, lol.

  13. Could I have it? I need one for school, plz. Btw, content gets better every video! You don't get enough credit❤️

  14. Nice video

  15. dude you don't get enough views

    your content is brilliant 😀😀😀😀😀

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