Airbar unboxing and review – The 69$ hack to convert your laptop into touchscreen

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This is a video unboxing and review of the Neonode airbar, a 69$ gadget which allows you to convert any laptop screen into a touch screen. I personally got mine to get touch functionality in a matte display, because well you know all touch screens come in glossy display.

Link to get the airbar –
Link to official airbar website – (cool name, right?)

Review in a nutshell –
Installing Airbar and getting started with touch is simple if you are on a Windows laptop. For MacOS, the support is limited and it wont work usably.
Touch is real-time, no noticeable lag. However if you want to get this for writing small letters on laptop screen on some whiteboard software, a native touch solution would be a lot better. Airbar fails the aforementioned scenario.
Overall a fancy gadget to strike off your wishlist in 2017. Link to the product website and get it at best price linked above, as usual.

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