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  1. I want to ask: whether can run whatsapp and Instagram in this chromebook(acer chromebook r 13)?

  2. thanks for the video buddy

  3. Not a bad review, except we couldn't see much. If we mention it enough times, maybe David will consider shooting videos in landscape mode from now on :)

  4. I have a toshiba chrombook 2 and am considering buying the r13 so this was on point thanks. Wish the vid was in hd landscape mode and up close to the R13

  5. Please upload the video on HD.

  6. R13 not too heavy to hold in table mode?

  7. Thanks for the unboxing review but the video is useless at 240p and portrait mode. Bring the camera closer to the chromebook so we can see it better. Just some constructive criticism and thanks for the upload.

  8. Put in on the Dev Channel and Google Play Store is working.
    IMAO landscape videos look better on YouTube :)

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