$299 ALDI Laptop Medion Touch 11.6 unboxing and review 2017

On sale at ALDI in Australia (13 May 2017) is this cheap $299 laptop. Has 2 usb ports, mini hdmi output, headphone/mic jack and Micro SD Card Reader.

Laptop is 2gb RAM and 32gb SSD Hard drive. Very quiet as there is no cooling fans and the battery lasts a very long time.

I don’t believe it is upgradable as it would likely have the chips soldered onto the board.

Office 365 Personal 1 year subscription included
11.6″ HD multitouch display
Slim convertible notebook
Wireless Bluetooth 4.1
Intel Atom x5z830
32GB flash memory
Up to 9 hours run time
360º Tablet Mode
Fingerprint sensor
Windows 10

The hard drive is painfully small. So what happens when you try to do a Windows Update if you haven’t updated along the way and windows is pushing you to download a massive cumulative update in one go?
This might help if you want to update to the latest version of windows 10. It worked for me after i didnt use this laptop for 4 months. You will need a USB stick (you will need at least a 16gb stick if the laptop hard drive is getting almost full) and a USB hard drive (cannot select a SD Card instead) with plenty of space. The USB stick will need to be erased and formated to make it bootable to do a new windows install from. And the USB Hard drive is so you have capacity to assist in downloaded the updates too. Follow this to get the latest windows 10 update:


Link for Windows Update Tool:

I used a 16 GB USB thumbdrive for a USB bootable drive, and an External USB hard drive. I am not 100% sure if you need access to another windows 10 PC to do the downloading for the bootable USB drive but i made mine on another laptop.

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