2018 Macbook Pro Unboxing and Review after Update! (13” vs 15”)

Here is my Macbook Pro 2018 Unboxing and review after the update or thermal throttling patch! Macbook Pro 2018 13″ vs 15″ Which one would you rather buy? I test both 4 Core i5 + 6 core i9
dbrand skins for Macbook:

After the unboxing and comparison between both the 13″ and 15″ and breaking down all the new features of the 2018 Macbook Pro with touchbar, I test the speaker improvements, keyboard improvements and do performance tests after the patch to see if the Macbook Pro 2018 is worth upgrading to. Do you want a dedicated Macbook Pro 2018 13″ Review? Macbook Pro 2018 15″ review after maybe a months use? Subscribe for more comparisons and reviews coming up!

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