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10 Best Things for Gamers at CES 2017

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The best gaming related tech from CES 2017 that we could find. Did you see anything cool this year? Let’s talk about it!
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  1. I am never watching another video of yours except for friday new show. The overall entertainment factor has plummeted in the last few months and now videos seem like they are pushed out daily for no reason other than views

  2. see title best things for gamers click… The whole list is shit I don't want, laptop heavier than my desktop computer another non portable laptop with too many screens, stupid streaming service with time caps, tv with speakers facing the wrong way. Bullshit vr extras.

  3. you should make Andrew perform a ritualistic blood sacrifice to rid his post fix "the new guy"

  4. Ooh another clickbait

  5. For how much time you are going to be new ._.?

  6. It's annoying being a teenager under 16, you see all this cool new tech,games, and other things that you want so much but it COSTS so much. Hard for kids our age to make decent $$$ and i get most 16-17 year old's get payed minimum wage but compared to the shit pay we get for doing yard work, chores, other things an actual job would be a lot nicer. The struggle is real

  7. Dashiell Henderson (FreakyFuzz)

    I'd love to see actual gloves for vr so you can like move each individual finger or whatever

  8. Nuclear Shadowscale

    I really hope valarie gets popular so developers will start supporting multi-monitor gaming

  9. I have always wanted a razer and when I saw that project valerie my jaw dropped. currently I run a dual screen desktop and my wife has been trying to get me to a laptop and that my friend is a gorgeous piece of hardware!

  10. Pablo “Jin” Iturra

    stop giving a shit about the RETROBOY because IS JUST LIKE A DAMM GBA WITHOUT SHOULDER BUTTONS!!! damm what a shit

  11. I would buy the projector if it's under a 150$

  12. I signed up for the liguidsky beta

  13. Project Valerie is trash, it's gonna overheat and it's gonna be overweight af

  14. The liquid thing and GeForce now thing are gonna be shit unless you like unresponsive games, cuz that's what's gonna happen

  15. Andrew should be called Jalcon or Faldino

  16. I like this guy, at least he doesn't sound like a turd cough Falcon cough

  17. 4:45 WALL-E movie IRL

  18. I'm enjoy watching all of your content, thanks for entertaining me

  19. You should start uploading in 4k.

  20. Holy shit Andrew! From the pretty much it Monday show!? I hope the curse of no one watching the Monday show apart from me and the other PMI cultists continues with his videos.

  21. The best Tech is AMD VEGA AND RYZEN, end of discussion.

  22. Theres this thing called ThePirateBay And they do the same thing liquidsky does but for free and they dont rip you off

  23. Miguel l3rightside

    bring back the old crew.

  24. sony tvs suck it takes ages to configure this android running pieces of shit and the sony service is the worst in case something goes broken during guarantee

  25. I hope Andrew will always be "the new guys"

  26. Razor
    Stop making
    Random shit

  27. Who is this boring asshole, where is falcon?!!

  28. Can I put the HTC Vive Tracker on a dildo and fuck myself in a game?

  29. Cool Bro Cal Hargis

    I really wanted a vive but it was too expensive and I don't have a strong enough PC and I have a PlayStation already, so I got a psvr. Can't complain

  30. Andrew should be called Bald Eagle
    Because a mix between Jake Baldino
    Falcon, a falcon bird of prey so is an eagle
    Thanks James Austin

  31. ima gonna say this shit again….1 gtx1080 for 3 monitors? uhhhh…fuck no….. RIP fps

  32. Mr.Reach Uprising

    That razer laptop made me nut

  33. Tyler MoTiF Akbary

    I like the new guy, he sounds cute

  34. I had some serious anxiety when that workstation switched to the backwards-leaing diagonal position. I just can't deal with that.

  35. That three screen laptop looks incredibly ridiculous,and not in a good way.

  36. gotta have that chair

  37. i love the new guy!!!

  38. the number 1 of the list has been stolen😨

  39. This liquid sky thing man i signed up for this shit long ago and beta free trial is still awaiting approval and i signed up like 4 months ago

  40. wheres the new 8K MONITOR

  41. Ethan Fisher-Perez

    I'm not convinced about LiquidSky and Geforce Now. Maybe it's just because I don't want any overwhelming change that compromise the gaming PC I paid so much for, but I don't like it.

  42. Toyota : Lets go places.

  43. Tuxedo Troops Scandinavian Orange

    Razer got ropped xD

    Those thiefs gonna have a good time.

  44. Keith “SLiM229” Allen

    atleast the new guy sounds like Hawk so it's less jarring

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